Mack Daddy has always worried that my children will not be able to take as many things for granted in “the future” as Mrs. Daddy and I have in our lifetimes.

For example, plentiful free water, and cheap seafood.

But now, if recent headlines are anything to go by, the future is rushing up to greet us quite a bit faster than Mack Daddy had anticipated.

And it ain’t necessarily gonna be pretty.

Economy crashing. Real estate about to bottom out. Food prices about to soar here as they already have elsewhere.

Ah, for the good old days when all we had to worry about was the occasional act of terrorism!

The food-price thing is particularly upsetting to the Mack. Many factors have contributed, but one of them is the global push for biofuels-which seemed like such a great idea a few years ago.

And now just looks more and more like a bad idea, poorly executed. The forced conversion of vast tracts of food-producing land into biofuel-producing land has driven food prices through the roof in other countries. In Haiti food prices are soaring, there’s rioting in the streets. Some desperate Haitians are even eating those same streets: they’re making little biscuits out of salt, vegetable oil-and dirt.

Yum! And the food-price tsunami is heading our way, don’t kid yourself…

Moreover, because of all the trees that need to be cut down, biofuels are having a devastating impact on the environment. Researchers at Princeton calculate it’ll take 167 years to reverse the damage done by the arboricide committed in biofuel’s name.

And all because some fauxhemian enviroyuppies want to fill their Priuses with biofuel?

Because they’ve suddenly had an attack of conscience (Mack rides a low-rider bike, by the way, and always has), will the Daddy’s kids have to eat dirt cookies someday?